Costs of Supervision

Your supervisor will arrange the fee with you directly, based on the guide below:

Charge to supervisee
Registration fee (one-off) – Paid to the Mindfulness Network at the point of application.

This fee will be returned  to you in full if we can’t match you with a supervisor. Please be aware that cannot progress your supervision application until we receive your registration fee.

£25.00 + VAT
½ hour initial contracting session with supervisor £25.00
1 hour individual session £50.00
½ hour individual session £25.00
DVD viewing £35.00
Shared supervision with 2 supervisees facilitating different courses.

(Hourly rate remains at £50 if both supervisees are on the same course as co-leaders)

£75.00 per hour (2 people)
Group supervision £100.00 per hour (negotiable)