Cindy Cooper Bursary Fund for Supervision

Cindy Cooper, our co-supervision lead, passed away in 2017.  She had a particular passion and vision for mindfulness-based supervision, and we are delighted that this bursary fund is now held in her name to honour her contribution to the mindfulness-based community in a special and lasting way.

Read more about Cindy HERE.

Click HERE to watch Cindy Cooper’s honest and moving interview with the BBC about her experiences of being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Bursaries for Mindfulness-based Supervision

Supervision is one way to support the integrity of mindfulness teaching, ensuring that teachers on the ground are linked to experienced supervisors given them a vital anchor point for their practice and support the wider integrity of this work. In recognising how vital mindfulness-based supervision is for quality mindfulness-based teaching, we have developed a bursary fund made up of donations from our supervisors and other people interested in supporting the accessibility and availability of mindfulness-based supervision.

This bursary fund aspires to make mindfulness-based supervision accessible to mindfulness-based teachers, particularly those working with hard to reach populations or those with temporary financial difficulties.  This is a limited resource that we want to use wisely, ensuring that the bursary funds we offer will be used in a way that most closely aligns with our Mission Statement. At the heart of the bursary fund is the generosity of teachers and supervisors who make donations to the fund from their own pockets, having worked to set up their own sustainable mindfulness business, and wanting to help support other teachers.

We carefully review each application to ensure that the money is used to best effect. Applicants complete a detailed application about why they wish to apply for a bursary. They can apply for either 3 or 6 hours of bursary-assisted supervision at any one time depending on their circumstances. A bursary place is not a free place. We ask applicants to think carefully about the value placed on supervision in the light of their own finances and to contribute as much as they are able to.

We allocate bursaries on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. When the bursary fund is empty, we will not be able to provide bursary-assisted supervision. In this event, applicants will be informed and put on a waiting list. We recommend that applicants wait for bursary decisions before applying for supervision. Bursaries will not be granted for supervision that has already taken place.

What we look for in a bursary application

A bursary application should show how it aligns with the Mindfulness Network Mission Statement and specifically how this bursary will bring benefit to the development of quality mindfulness and/or to hard to reach groups.

Bursary applicants need to demonstrate the effort and ability they have made to set up their own mindfulness teaching in a way that is sustainable financially. The bursary is not a substitute for that effort and ability. Like other ventures in life, mindfulness-based teachers need to consider practical issues such as income and sustainability when embarking on teaching; the idea that everyone has an entitlement or right to teach mindfulness is a false one.

We see the bursary primarily as a short-term support for starting up projects and/or supporting an established teacher financially in the short term. In evaluating applications, we will also look at what longer-term plans there are for future supervision support or for developing financial stability.

Our bursaries are generally not designed to support inexperienced or untrained teachers to start teaching, unless it’s for a special area or hard to reach group that the teacher has already had some contact or experience with. More usually bursaries are for trained and experienced teachers who may need some support for providing mindfulness-based courses for those on a limited income, or in a hard to reach group, or as part of a charity or social enterprise.

Bursaries may be granted for a number of other reasons. We invite applicants to explore how their application reflects the intention of supporting the accessibility and availability of mindfulness-based supervision.

We keep a record of the balance of the bursary fund, applications received, applications refused and applications accepted.

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