Costs of Supervision

Your supervisor will arrange the fee with you directly, based on the guide below:

Charge to supervisee
½ hour initial contracting session with supervisor £25.00
1 hour individual session £50.00
½ hour individual session £25.00
DVD viewing £35.00
Shared supervision with 2 supervisees facilitating different courses.

(Hourly rate remains at £50 if both supervisees are on the same course as co-leaders)

£75.00 per hour (2 people)
Group supervision £100.00 per hour (negotiable)

Although we do not charge to match you with a supervisor, we welcome donations to our Cindy Cooper Bursary Fund. Our bursary fund aspires to make mindfulness-based supervision accessible to mindfulness-based teachers, particularly those working with hard to reach populations or those with temporary financial difficulties.  This is a limited resource that we wish to use wisely, ensuring that the bursary funds we offer will be used in a way that most closely aligns with our Mission Statement. At the heart of the bursary fund is the generosity of teachers and supervisors who make donations to the fund from their own pockets, having worked to set up their own sustainable mindfulness business, and wanting to help support other teachers.