Jane Brendgen

Jane Brendgen

I have taught mindfulness since 2010, including teaching the Mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBSR) to members of the general public and the distance learning format to individuals. I also offer the Interpersonal Mindfulness programme (IMP), a course based on the innovative relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, developed by Gregory Kramer.

Since 2002, I have worked as a freelance coach, trainer and facilitator in the corporate sector. Clients that I’ve worked with include the Discovery Channel, GroupM, MediaCom, News International, Channel 4, The Walt Disney Company, The Cabinet Office, The Department for Education, UCB, MSN Microsoft, AOL, Sony Pictures and many of the NHS Trusts.

For the past five years I have actively explored ways to contextualise and deliver mindfulness effectively in the workplace, for enhanced well-being and performance. More recently, I have looked into the impact that a personal and interpersonal mindfulness practice can have on the development of relational and authentic leadership. My coaching is founded on mindfulness, both in an implicit form in terms of the quality of attention that I am able to bring to the client, and in an explicit form, where I offer mindfulness practices within the sessions to support my clients to be more fully present and open.


I have a bachelor’s degree (honours) in music, a post-graduate diploma in education and a diploma in cognitive-behavioural approaches to stress management. I completed a foundation year in Integrative psychotherapy at Metanoia and a six-month intensive introduction to psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy at the Westminster pastoral foundation.

In July 2015, I graduated with an MSc degree in mindfulness-based approaches from Bangor University. I was given a distinction for the degree and awarded top performing masters student of the year. My thesis focused on Authenticity, one of the core elements in the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC). This qualitative research study required a significant level of deep personal and interpersonal inquiry. Personally I have grown so much as a result and it has enriched my teaching significantly.

In 2013, I attended the Interpersonal Mindfulness Teacher Training retreat for MBSR teachers in Virginia, USA and again in 2015 in Amsterdam to deepen my understanding. I have been practicing Insight Dialogue since 2007 and recognise the many benefits of having both a personal and an interpersonal mindfulness practice. My capacity to show up more fully – in relationships, in the inquiry process in the MBI classroom, working with individuals and, generally in my life as a relational being – has been significantly enhanced.


Teaching-Training Specialisms

I teach MBSR and IMP for general populations and offer mindfulness-based workshops and programmes to the corporate sector.


Supervision Experience

I completed my supervision training through Bangor University and have been supervising since early in 2015.


Personal Practice

Following an existential crisis in 2006, I began meditating and have appreciated and benefited much from the wisdom of the Western Vipassana teachers including Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Gregory Kramer, Tara Brach, mindfulness-based teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mark Williams and the non-duality teacher Adyashanti.

My practice remains as committed as it has always been, with an ongoing personal mindfulness practice and an interpersonal practice.  It is also a feature of every day in the informal sense.  Practice offers me an ever-deepening experiential understanding of the complexity of mindfulness as an approach and particularly its transformational potential which I know directly.

I am dedicated to following this path of awakening and it gives me much joy to be teaching mindfulness in different formats and to have the opportunity to facilitate the growth and development of mindfulness teachers.