Join our supervision team

The Mindfulness Network recruits new supervisors when we identify particular gaps in our supervision provision so that we can ensure that mindfulness-based teachers can access supervision for the specific populations they work with and the type of work that they do.

All of our supervisors meet our stringent good practice guidelines. These will give you guidance about training and skills required to become one of our supervisors in the future.

We have a rigorous recruitment process. On application, candidates need to identify how they meet all our Good Practice Guidelines and have recommendations from their own supervisor and supervisor trainer. The Supervision Lead, with the support of other experienced supervisors, will then shortlist, followed by an interview and selection process.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at so that we can notify you when we begin a new recruitment cycle.

How to find out about vacancies

We will publicise when we are open for recruitment by putting information on our WEBSITE (at outlining the application and interview process along with deadlines. We will also communicate this in our newsletter, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Our FACEBOOK page can be found at and our TWITTER page can be found at