The Mindfulness Network is proud to be partnered with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) to offer high quality supervision for mindfulness-based teachers.

Historically, OMC recommended supervisors from their own training team and associates but have increasingly recognised The Mindfulness Network as a useful access point for supervision. Under this partnership (November 2019) we aim to work together closely to ensure that trainees engaged in any of the OMC trainings can access the supervision they require through The Mindfulness Network website, in keeping with the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Supervisors and our own stringent requirements.

What does this mean? 

The Mindfulness Network will provide OMC trainees with supervision guidance and access to supervisors.

Our supervisors will have thorough and up to date knowledge of the OMC training pathway and specialist supervision needs. This includes offering MBCT-L supervision.

The Mindfulness Network and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) have shared a collaborative relationship around mindfulness-based supervision since 2014. We provide high quality supervision for trainees on any of the CMRP training programmes and pathways, including the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP), standalone courses and the Master’s in Mindfulness at Bangor University.

In 2018, The Mindfulness Network formalised an agreement with Bangor University to deliver the long-established, internationally recognised programme of Teacher Training developed by the CMRP. As part of this, supervision continues to be offered to all trainees through The Mindfulness Network. We recruit supervisors though a rigorous selection process and ensure they offer a wide range of skills and specialisms. All of the CMRP trainers and senior teachers also offer supervision through The Mindfulness Network and are familiar with the different pathways.

You can see all our available supervisors HERE.