What is Mindfulness-based Supervision?


Mindfulness-based Supervision can provide you with an invaluable opportunity to reflect upon and inquire about your mindfulness teaching and practice.

“Supervision provides me with a space in which together we can explore my teaching and personal practice and my internal processing. The safety of this space and the trust that has built up between us enables me to go to the edges of my practice and to hold more tenderly my humanness. Our relationship supports my development and deepens my understanding of mindfulness.”  – a Supervisee

Unlike other experiences of supervision that you may have had, mindfulness supervision focuses not only on your teaching work, but necessarily includes your personal mindfulness practice and how it impacts on your work and your everyday life. Also unique to mindfulness supervision is that the session itself is imbued with mindfulness in terms of practice, embodied presence and compassion. The sessions may include live, on-the-spot teaching practice and feedback, inquiry around issues arising in your teaching, discussion based on videoed sessions, discussion about your personal meditation practice and/or some periods of meditation.

The sessions are very much a collaborative process. The intention is to create an alliance between you and your supervisor that will foster an open and creative exploration of your personal practice and how it might interweave with your teaching and mindfulness in work.

“I feel such gratitude for supervision. We have a space of deep mutual respect and regard where I can explore whatever is arising for me, celebrating the good and unpicking and embracing the challenges, warts and all. My supervisor’s wisdom and experience is invaluable and she shares it with such a light touch. Some of the learning is direct, through roleplay and phrases that she uses, and on another level her teaching is by osmosis, because she embodies it.” – a Supervisee

On-going mindfulness-based supervision is an important part of the good practice guidelines for teachers of mindfulness-based courses. The mindfulness-based supervision offered through the Mindfulness Network is specifically for those training or for those who have already trained to teach MBSR/MBCT. We suggest that before applying for supervision, you have completed training to Level 1 or equivalent with a training organisation who is a member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. We acknowledge that many teachers also train to deliver other mindfulness-based programmes after they’ve completed their MBSR/MBCT training. Some of our listed supervisors have knowledge and experience in these programmes or could support your teaching with the foundational aspects of mindfulness that you bring to your teaching.