Supervisor Training Pathway

We passionately believe that supervision is a key way of enabling mindfulness-based teachers to be the best they can be and to do their work with integrity. Supervisor training is vital for anyone who wishes to a mindfulness-based supervisor.

Supervisor training is now delivered within the Mindfulness Network in collaboration with Bangor University.

We offer:

  • Three-day Mindfulness Supervisor Training. This training will develop understanding, confidence and skills to enable experienced mindfulness-based teachers to step into the important role of supporting other teachers.
  • One-day course on Educational and Supervisory Frameworks Informing Mindfulness-based Supervision. This is useful both for new supervisors and as a refresher day for established supervisors.
  • further trainings via zoom on specific topics.

The Mindfulness Network has a team of highly experienced and carefully selected mindfulness supervisors. Alison Evans leads this stream of activity within The Mindfulness Network. Click HERE to see the individual profiles of our supervisor team.

All of our supervisor trainings can be found on our Teacher Training website.

Suggested aspects of a mindfulness-based supervisor pathway (please note that we are currently developing a pathway for supervisors)

We are keen to offer quality ongoing continuing professional development for mindfulness-based supervisors. We will expand these offerings over time, but they currently include:

  • Supra-vision. We have a team of supervisors who are skilled in offering supervision of supervision for both individuals and small groups. Supra-vision for small groups would be via Zoom link and we recommend that you email us at in the first instance to express interest.
  • Retreats for supervisors. All MN retreats are highly suitable for supervisors but we are now offering a specific retreat that brings together supervisors for retreat and connection. You can find out more about our Five-day Retreat for Mindfulness-based Supervisors on our retreat website.
  • additional trainings such as: One-day course on Educational and Supervisory Frameworks Informing Mindfulness-based Supervision; and other zoom trainings which will be added to our programme as they become available.

The diagram below maps out these different elements into a pathway of development opportunities for mindfulness supervisors.

To see our full list of trainings, please click HERE.

We look forward to connecting with you through these events!