Our Vision

Our key visions for mindfulness-based supervision (MBS) are as follows:

  • To have a website where mindfulness-based teachers can apply for supervision knowing that they will be receiving the highest quality of MBS. Our group of experienced and trained mindfulness-based supervisors are senior in the field and are committed to offering depth and integrity. They all meet the high standards and guidelines that can be viewed here.
  • To provide a community for our mindfulness-based supervisors so they can develop as supervisors and contribute to the emerging understanding about the place of supervision in training and ongoing development.
  • To ensure that the expertise of our supervisors and core staff team is folded back to the mindfulness field, e.g. via the development of national guidelines for mindfulness-based supervision. Our core team of staff and supervisors have dual roles, many of them working within training organisations at the Universities of Bangor, Exeter and Oxford.
  • Alison Evans, who leads our supervision team, has a particular interest in training supervisors in MBS (through the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice ). We see this as a reciprocal feeding of what is learned in the Mindfulness Network into the training events and vice versa to benefit all (for example the revision of a model for MBS with our colleague from CMRP, Jody Mardula) Click here to see the model.
  • Alison is currently engaged in research on MBS, which will also support deepening of understanding.

In summary, we see the increasing need for clarity around ongoing training and development of teachers through: MBS; the relationship with the mindfulness-based supervisor; and identifying the specific skills, embodiment and practices a mindfulness-based supervisor needs to hold and develop within this complex role.  The Mindfulness Network plays a key part of this growth and development.